Inflation adjuster

This tool takes input data that consists of dates and dollar amounts, and gives you back the dollar amounts adjusted for inflation using a date of your choice.

It uses the St. Louis FRED API to fetch the adjustment data. Data used is the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (a.k.a. CPIAUCSL or CPI-U), and is available dating back to 1947.

Both the text box and the file upload should understand csv and tsv data that consists of a date and a number that represents a US dollar amount. Make sure the name of the date column is "date". The other column can be called whatever you want.

Adjust to US dollars in:


Q: It said it couldn't handle my data!

A: Here are the most likely scenarios:

  1. The data has more than two columns. Sorry--for now, we can only handle two columns at a time: one "date" column and another column.
  2. Your data is not valid tsv or csv. If it looks right, it might be that the columns are separated by spaces rather than tab characters. Copy-pasting from Excel should work fine.
  3. The computer doesn't understand your dates. It's actually pretty good and can understand things like "1999", "8/18/91", "September, 1963", and some other stuff. But it could get confused.
  4. Some dates are in the future or before 1947. Sorry, it can only handle 1947-2015 for now.

Q: I typed stuff in the text box and also chose a file. Which is it going to use?

A: The file.

Q: How does this work?

A: It adjusts prices using the US Consumer Price Index. Here is the annual CPI data. You can try adjusting this data--the adjusted values will all be the same.